Hidden Treasure

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Finding God in unexpected places.

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Christmas, a joyful celebration for most people, has always been a difficult, emotional time for me. It was Christmas when God called my mother, who was only 42-years old, home to be with Him. For a girl of 15, the loss was extremely painful, and that pain led me to start questioning God. Why hadn’t He answered my prayers for healing? I was a teenager; didn’t He know how much I needed my mom?

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2 reviews for Hidden Treasure

  1. Shanthini

    I love this story and I love the way the book is laid out- great reflection questions, that help you look at your life and say- ‘do it again Lord’!

  2. Rick

    This book is filled with solid insights about life, God, ministry, poverty and learning from those we serve alongside with. Hidden Treasures creatively intertwines transferable life lessons with Gladys’ humble authenticity to tell a remarkable story of transformation. It will inspire you too!

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